Goods Distributed Through United Way’s Product Philanthropy Program


Companies large and small have donated food, clothing, and other essential items to be distributed to those who are struggling. Organizations including Amazon have donated roughly $170,000 in philanthropic goods to Northern Santa Barbara County (NSBC) United Way.

United Way, through collaboration with Good360, has developed partnerships with charitable organizations to distribute these goods. On Friday, May 26th, a truckload of gaylords filled with donations arrived. (A gaylord is a very large box placed on a pallet. Gaylord dimensions are typically 40” x 48” x 45”(H). United Way obtained a forklift to remove the gaylord from the delivery trailer. Hand unloading a gaylord is not an option.)

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Better Communities Through Action

“I want to thank all of our partners for their invaluable contribution to make today’s product distribution an extraordinary success. Your dedication and assistance have been pivotal in ensuring our efforts reach far and wide. Today, a total of nine organizations eagerly collected the gaylords, encompassing communities from San Luis Obispo all the way to Solvang. It is truly remarkable to witness our collaboration’s positive impact on the lives of countless families and individuals in need,” said Eddie Taylor, CEO, NSBC United Way, which manages procurement and distribution of the goods.

The donations will be used to help people in need in the region. For example, the Salvation Army will use the donations to provide clothing and shoes to people who are homeless or in need. Little House, part of Family Services Agency, will help the community’s most vulnerable children, families, and seniors meet their basic needs while simultaneously addressing mental health needs. Good Samaritan Shelter provides emergency, transitional and affordable housing with support services to the homeless and those in recovery throughout the Central Coast.

These large boxes were welcomed by the following organizations:

Salvation Army
GI Forum
Santa Maria-Lompoc NAACP
Good Samaritan Shelter
Little House – Guadalupe
Crestwood Fellowship
CityServe Central Coast – Santa Maria

United Way’s Product Philanthropy initiative has distributed millions of dollars’ worth of household goods, clothing, and other basic needs essentials.

The donations are a testament to the generosity of the community. They show that people and regional organizations are willing to help those in need,” said Taylor.

We are so grateful for the generous donations that we have received. These donations will help us to provide much-needed assistance to people in our community who are struggling. Our partners are making a real difference in the lives of people in the community.

To contribute, visit our Ways to Give page here.