Northern Santa Barbara County United Way (NSBCUW) is committed to many goals, but a major one is to remove obstacles that block aspirational goals in our schoolchildren. We want to partner with our communities and show them that we care. Instilling financial literacy and a love of good habits for a child can spill into the families they belong to with the hope that a new cycle will begin: a cycle of inspiration, confidence, and achievement.

Visit our Win-Win page to discover opportunities to win in one of our sweepstakes and win big by supporting children’s education and financial literacy. Your donation for entry tickets will support our United Way programs. In our county, 43,188 Households are below the Real Cost Measure*. To break the cycle, the provision of literacy education and support for reading and family engagement builds the foundation for a better life for this and future generations. It’s a way of giving kids a real shot. It tells them that they belong. Get kids (their families and communities) on the road to financial freedom and security – that’s financial wellness! Inspire kids’ dreams and fill their lives with more purpose! And maybe win an e-bike or other great prize. That’s a Win-Win!

E-bikes! Gift certificates! Travel! New Every Month!

A New Framework to Lift Literacy and Financial Stability

In partnership with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, our United Way is dedicated to inspiring a love of reading by gifting books to children.

The Ready 4K & Beyond partnership is a highly accessible, evidence-based family engagement solution, using proven curricula, will support parents of children from birth through 8th grade using text messaging.

The Sammy Rabbit Money School, coupled with the United Way Today 4 Tomorrow Savings Challenge, is a platform for school-aged youth to begin saving/investing with a goal-setting mindset. It will change the futures of thousands of local families as community partners work to take it to scale.

It’s the removal of barriers –one of many that these students will face on their academic journey. It’s the sense that they are seen, known, and loved. That they matter. That someone doesn’t want them to simply fall through the cracks, but rather to rise above and achieve their own success.

“NSBC United Way believes the Literacy 2.O effort will change the lives of thousands of individuals and families as we go to scale,” says Eddie Taylor, CEO of Northern Santa Barbara County United Way.


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    *The Real Cost Measure (RCM) estimates the amount of income required to meet basic needs for a given household type in a specific community.