Sammy Rabbit Kids Open Custodial Bank Accounts


Twenty-four children have completed the Sammy Rabbit Money School Program! They took the course at one of two locations: The Santa Maria Boys and Girls Club or the Olga L. Reed Elementary School in Los Alamos. (Five more Sammy Rabbit Money School locations will be opening in July!) Completing this course allows each child to open up custodial bank accounts. By the end of June, half a dozen kids had opened their accounts, and started their Savings Challenge in the Saving for Tomorrow program!  This gives not only these kids, but also their families, a road to financial wellness.

The Sammy Rabbit Money School, coupled with the United Way Today 4 Tomorrow Savings Challenge, changes the futures of local families as community partners work with us to build these success stories.

How It Works

The Sammy Rabbit program provides financial literacy curriculum to help children develop savings habits and goals. When the child completes the six-week curriculum, United Way, working with their donors, sponsors, and parents, opens a custodial saving account in the child’s name.

The United Way deposited forty-four dollars ($44) into the accounts as seed money for these new Sammy Rabbit Money School alumni. The child must agree with the parents to make regular savings deposits. When the child has honored that commitment, United Way will make another matching deposit. Funds in the account will be restricted until the child turns eighteen.

United Way continues working with the child and family providing financial literacy, savings, and investment messaging and opportunities. The families and the children have agreed to make regular savings deposits based on lessons learned during the course. Literacy and family engagement programs offered by United Way provide the resources for personal growth.

Community Partners

The accounts for these young grads were set up at First Bank, located at 2027 S. Broadway, Ste A Santa Maria CA 93454. Sponsors, donors and financial institutions provide a stable platform for students to realize a financially secure future. We are grateful for the support and participation of First Bank.

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