His Story

Christopher Rodriguez came to our VITA tax preparation workshop at Allan Hancock College this year to have his 2021 taxes done. He and his wife have 2 children and he had been working off and on in Local Agriculture Nurseries, Landscaping, and Tree Trimming – hard, back-breaking work.

Historically, Christopher’s yearly income was low, and he needed government assistance to make ends meet at the end of each month – as had his parents and grandparents. Determined to pull himself up by the bootstraps, Christopher used the $6,000 refund he received from the federal and state Earned Income Tax Programs to start his own business.

Christopher bought a laser projector to start his own Laser Advertising business in Northern Santa Barbara, born and raised a native, whose family line lived and resided for most their lives in the small town of Guadalupe, CA. He first donated his time for the Toyota Dealership and Guitar Center grand openings in our area.

Now, his laser light messages shine each Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening at the Valley Drive-In Landmark on Highway 1, near the Historical La Purisima Mission, in Lompoc, CA. A much needed application of use for this massive screen bringing nostalgia to those who remember its glory days!

All Vandenberg Space Force personnel and civilian motorists who enter and exit Lompoc can see his lasers light up the ENTIRE backside of the Landmark in messages from his City Council, Local Authorities, Local Nonprofits, and Local Small businesses such as: Support Lompoc Theater, Lompoc Flower Festival, Drive Safe Drive Sober Celebrate Responsibly, not to mention, low-cost advertising for those who are in their first few years of business.

To reach Christopher, call 805-634-LASR. Everyone is welcome to leave their project details for a Mobile Laser Billboard campaign/project.

Christopher is a shining example of how the Earned Income Tax Credit can transform a whole family tree, from poverty to homelessness, to now the highest of hopes for the most reasonable goals of self sustainability without the desperate need for government aid.