A Good Son

Nacho was working two jobs, one at Masantani Market, and the other at Romos Market. He was a good son, taking care of his mother. His mother fell ill, and ended up in the hospital. He lost both jobs after trying to handle all of the stress. For anyone, much less a young man, emotional stress can be simply overwhelming. Nacho fell deeper into his addiction, trying to find relief.

After losing his jobs, he was unsheltered for three years. For the first six months, he was couch hopping, contributing what he could. After exhausting his resources for those stays, he ended up sleeping on the streets for two and half years.

Nacho found out he was going to be a father, and this was a wake up call. He reached out for help to Clarissa, an AmeriCorps member that worked at the Public Defenders office.

To move forward, the Public Defencers Office colleted his California I.D, Social Security Card, and Birth Certificate. Multiple avenues of support were provided: Nacho was able to sign up for Section 8 housing through the Housing Authority, Job placement throughout Work for Good Program, and Drug Court.


Finally housed September 18th, 2020 at the Depot Apartments was a solid step. Now Nacho is living at La Vista without housing assistance, nor is in need of any other assistance. He is very confident that he will remain housed. The future is now open to him.