Our Great Commmunity


A vibrant energy filled the air at the grand opening of the newly expanded facility for Northern Santa Barbara County United Way (NSBCUW).  The Open House event was hosted by the non-profit organization in their new location at 2045 Preisker Ln., Unit G, in Santa Maria on May 10th.

The spacious new venue bustled with activity as prominent community figures, dedicated staff, and enthusiastic volunteers mingled in celebration.

Josh Wong, CDO for NSBC United Way, speaking with a guest
Mitch Massey, former KSBY TV’s Sports Director, now executive director of the Foundation at Hearst Castle, speaking with Vicki Conner, Initiatives Director of EconAlliance.

Local dignitaries, recognizable from city council meetings and news broadcasts, exchanged greetings with familiar faces from the non-profit sector.

Laughter and conversation flowed freely, punctuated by special recognition events, photo opportunities, clinking glasses of refreshments and the warm hum of community spirit.

Open House, Open Hearts

This open house wasn’t just about showcasing the impressive new space, but a testament to the collective effort that made it possible. Staff members, their faces beaming with pride, proudly guided visitors through the expanded service areas, explaining how the increased space would allow them to serve more people in need.

Josh Wong accepting a certificate from Christina Hernandez on behalf of Assemblymember Gregg Hart
UW Staff Photo: (From Left) Eddie Taylor, Monica Galaviz, Liane Martindale, Adriana Aparicio, Ignacio Sanchez, Alexis Rivas, Keagan Kelly, Lyiam Galo, Patti Tinoco, Melinda Martin, Noemi Robles, Lilly Loen, Maryjane Zaffuto, Nina Song, Mitch Massey, Jacob Martin, Josh Wong
Volunteers, the backbone of the organization, shared stories of their experiences and the impact they've witnessed.
CEO Eddie Taylor Speaking with AmeriCorps Member Maryjane Zaffuto.
UW Board Members Jacob Grossman and Scott Santella speaking with new team member, Mitch Massey (L).

The atmosphere buzzed with a shared sense of accomplishment and a renewed commitment to the cause. It was a day that solidified the organization’s place as a pillar of the community, ready to make an even greater difference with the support of its dedicated team and generous benefactors.

UW Board Members (from Left) Eddie Taylor, Molly Schiff, Benjamin Alaniz, Scott Santella, Sofia Ramirez-Gelpi, Terri France, Claudia Ortiz, Jacob Grossman.
From Ribbon-Cutting to Warm Good-Byes, it was a great day.