Meeting Basic Household Needs: The Real Cost Measure in Santa Barbara County

Results of the Fourth Study


Scheduling Change

It has come to our attention that many who wanted to attend this Real Cost Measure event are unable to do so due to a scheduling conflict. The League Of California Cities New Mayors and Council Members Academy is hosting their event February 1, 2023 – February 3, 2023. We apologize for the oversight, and will keep you updated as a new date is selected for this very important event late Summer or early Fall. On a positive note, we will likely have an updated report reflecting the most recent data.

Keynote Presentation:

What Does It Cost a Santa Barbara County Household to Meet Basic Needs?
Henry Gascon, Director Programs & Policy, United Ways of California

Presenter Gascon will provide an overview of the statewide United Ways study “Struggling to Move Up: The Real Cost Measure,” as well as specific statistics for Santa Barbara County.

Event will also include:

  • United Way, Allan Hancock College and EconAlliance Opening Remarks
  • A Cross-Sector Panel Discussion on The Real Cost Measure
  • Wine & Cheese Reception Following Event

Coming Soon

Q3 2023

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