(One Payee Per Request) (Form must be completed electronically)
ALL PURCHASES/EXPENSES must be issued a purchase order number before the purchase is made.


  • Rental/Deposit Assistance – W-9 Form must be attached with this request
  • Add “Approval” in Email Subject Line, Estimates/Quotes, Copy of Bills, Invoices, or other support documentation


  • Rental Assistance or Rental Deposits – Copy of Lease and other Supporting Docs
  • Utilities, Application Fees, Goods, and Services – Copy of paid Receipt or Paid Invoice must be obtained


  • Requesting Party must fill out all required fields and attach all supporting documents before submitting the Requisition.
    • 12:30pm is the cut off time for all requisitions, after 12:30pm, all requisitions will be processed the next business day
    • Must attach “PDF Email Approval from Dept Manager”
    • Must attach “PDF Receipt, Invoice, Quote or a copy of Online Cart”
    • Must provide “Link, Logins and Online Cart Filled” for online purchases made on your behalf
    • Must provide “Shipping Address” for all online purchases
  • Department Manager
    • Must view and verify “all information and attachments are correct”
    • Must fill out all fields that say “Department Manager” (refer to your grant docs & budget)
      • Date, Name, Acct#, Line Item Description & Payment Instructions
    • Must forward an email with a Requisition Copy – SUBJECT-“APPROVED FW: Form submission”
  • Finance will issue a PO# and payment if all requirement are met
    • If the required docs are not attached to the Requisition before you submit it, the requisition will be rejected until it is updated with the proper docs and the requisition will be processed the next business day.

By submitting this form I/We understand and acknowledge that the pre- and post-documentation and Finance requirements are mandatory and will be provided as applicable