Rooted in Research. Proven in Practice.

The Ready 4K and Beyond program provides high-quality messaging through a text-based application to support family engagement and encourage parent and child development. This effort continues beyond kindergarten, providing high-quality content through age 13. Families receive carefully sequenced messages to build key skills, including SEL, math, and literacy. Research first conducted at Stanford showed students gained 2 to 3 months over peers when families received Ready4K messages.In addition to the social-emotional family engagement content, we offer financial literacy messages to families participating in the Sammy Rabbit Money School.

Evidence-Based Program
The family engagement program is delivered via text messages, the only technology to reach 97% of families.

3 strengths-based messages per week include fun facts and easy tips for promoting their kids’ development through daily activities – like finding odd or even building numbers when walking down the street. Written at a 3rd grade reading level. Available in multiple languages.

Developed by educational researchers, Ready4K is a highly accessible, evidence-based family engagement solution that is carefully designed to drive impact at every step along the way. It starts with our focus on access. More than 95% of families use text message, which makes it the perfect way to deliver evidence-based curricula to birth through 8th grade families each week in 10+ languages.

Families Supported900,000+
Texts Sent125,000,000+
Families Who Qualify for Income-Based Services64%
Parents who said it strengthened relationship with their child97%

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