Who Works with Sammy!

Anyone and everyone who wants to:

  • Build kids money, goal-setting, planning and life skills
  • Get kids (their families and communities) on the roads to financial freedom and security (financial wellness)
  • Help kids avoid insecurity, stress, diminished dreams and debt-ridden futures resulting from bad money habits and attitudes
  • Inspire kids dreams and fill their lives with more purpose!

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Why Sammy Rabbit?

Here are 8 qualities that make Sammy Rabbit special and effective!

Sammy is:

  1. Warm and lovable. Kids like him. Parents do too.
  2. Strategic. He implements a head, heart and hug approach to financial education. It focuses on shaping habits, thinking, feelings and attitudes on money. “Habit formation” is central to Sammy’s financial education strategy. It has been since his inception in 2001. Sammy also stresses dreams and goals as a method to inspire and motivate purpose driven behavior.
  3. Field tested and demonstrated repeat effectiveness under an array of conditions with diverse audiences and users.
  4. Versatile. He communicates his messages in stories, songs, activities, arts crafts, live experiences. He engages and appeals to all learning styles.

The Sammy Rabbit program provides financial literacy curriculum to help children develop savings habits and goals. When the child completes the curriculum United Way, working with their donors, sponsors, and parents, will open a custodial saving account in the child’s name. The child must agree with the parents to make regular savings deposits to match the United Way. When the child has honored that commitment, United Way will make another matching deposit and continue working with the child and family providing financial literacy, savings, and investment messaging and opportunities.


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    Children Served250,000+ Worldwide
    Countries that have Sammy RabbitEight
    States with Sammy RabbitForty
    Working WithCalifornia Teacher's Association

    Learn good money habits, through the Sammy Rabbit Money School and Literacy 2.O framework. This curriculum teaches young children the importance of setting goals and achieving dreams through saving for the future. The School’s treasure trove of tools include captivating stories, catchy songs, interactive activities, comprehensive lesson plans, live online events, contests, games, prizes, and unique programs. This catchy tune is an example of how we make it fun and memorable!

    Learn with Sammy!